Phil Wilshire philw at lineo.com
Thu Nov 1 20:41:18 EST 2001

> Mark 

 Do the update from within the target directories.

 These should have a CVS directory which will have a Root and 
Repository file directing CVS to the
correct place.

IE after a checkout of uClinux-2.4.x 
cd uClinux-2.4.x

[cvs login if required ]

cvs update -dP

The developers work really hard to minimise bugs 
but the latest may not always be the greatest.

Once you get what you need tar it up and keep a copy.
Always using the latest may pull in some unwanted "features" from "work
in progres".

  Phil Wilshire

> O.K., I was really getting into the uClinux thing and thought I
> understood the basics, but now I'm not so sure. I'm using the 20010529
> distribution and I'm quickly migrating to the 20010622 distribution. I
> want to get the latest and greatest from the CVS repository
> (cvs.uclinux.org), but I am confused on how to actually go about
> getting the changes. I have been able to login and check out the
> kernel and userland directories using the Anonymous CVS directions
> from cvs.uclinux.org. Now do I do an update by issuing   "cvs -x3
> -d:pserver:anonymous:uclinux.org... update -d -P" from the
> uClinux-distribution directory or is there something else I have to
> do?
> BTW, does anyone know when the next uClinux-distribution version is to
> be released?
> Thanks for the help
> Mark
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