[uClinux-dev] Exception vectors on ARM?

Steve Johnson stevej at ridgerun.com
Thu Nov 1 14:53:26 EST 2001


    Exception vector table is in entry-armv.S (Lbranches/jump_addresses 
code).  trap_init() puts those vectors at 0x0-0x1c.

    .stext is the start of your text, which should be modified by 
TEXTADDR to be other than 0x0.  If you have an external process set up 
your vector table, just put a branch to the start of your text at 0x0.


Lance Spaulding wrote:

>Can someone tell me where the exception vector table is located in uClinux?
> from what I can tell looking through the code, it appears the entry location
>in the kernel is at "stext" in kernel/head-armv.S.  However, the code at stext
>isn't in the form of an ARM exception table.  How and where do the vectors at
>address 0 get filled in?  I'd like to link uClinux to address 0 and boot
>directly from it w/o using a bootloader (RAM is at address 0 and is already
>setup before the ARM boots).  Is this currently possible with uClinux?
>Thanks in advance,

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