[uClinux-dev] arm-uclinux-gcc problem with relocation symbols

Durgesh Pattamatta DPattamatta at valencesemi.com
Thu Nov 1 12:38:11 EST 2001

I checked my vmlinux.lds file and it looks fine with the memory map on my
board. But what puzzles me is how vmlinux.lds linker script is related to
the userland binaries ? I just compiled a small hello world program with
"-mdisable-got -Wl,-r" options and did a objdump of relocation symbols
(objdump --reloc hello.elf). The dump shows the proper relocation types. But
when ldelf2flt.c reads the same file it reads wrong relocation type for the
symbols ie., it reads relocation type 0 for all the symbols. I think with
"-Wl,-r" option gcc uses
/opt/arm/arm-little-uclinux/lib/ldscripts/armelf_uclinux.xr linker script.
Do you think there is a problem with my libgcc.a which is used by ldelf2flt
to parse the elf image file ???


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Durgesh Pattamatta wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I am not using any special linker script for building userland
> But I only modifed armelf_uclinux.xr file as suggested by the article for
> arm tool chain located at http://home.at/uldp/uclinux_doc_3.html.
> For compiling uclinux kernel I am using the standard vmlinux.lds present
> under uclinux-2.4.x/arch/armnommu/ directory.
> I will greatly appriciate if you could let me know how to write this
> script file or if you could mail me any standard linker script file you
> have.

Unless the board platform you are using is one of the "standard"
platforms, you will probably have to modifiy the contents of
vmlinux.lds.  See this doc for how a linker script works:


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