[uClinux-dev] Touch Screen driver

Philippe Ney philippe.ney at smartdata.ch
Mon Jan 15 05:32:14 EST 2001

Hi all,

I'm currently rewriting a device driver for
a touch screen panel connected to the
Burr-Brown ADS7843 via the SPIM of the
DragonBall EZ. (= Palm hardware)

This driver seems to be ok now.
It is of misc type and then use another 'path'
for initialization. (misc.c and not tty_io.c)

Maybe it could be useful for uClinux users.
And in this way could be integrated in the
sources of uClinux.

I start this work from scratch for the needs
of my company and for my own interest and 
because I cannot succeed to use the original one.

Then the following questions arise:
1)Is it ok to add this driver?
2)If yes, as a new driver or to replace the
  current mc68328digi.
  That seems the better way but due to its
  misc type, that would introduce some changes
  in the initialization; also as I don't have the
  sames parameters, that introduces some changes
  in the ioctrl functions too. But I think nobody
  uses the old one, right?
3)How to add the driver to the kernel sources?
  Who decide about that?

Thanks for your answers

Philippe Ney
1015 Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
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